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By Jeff Hunt – – Wednesday, July 8, 2020


When I was a young teenager, I was busted for spray painting on a neighbor’s house. When the police contacted my mom, she dragged me up to the neighbor’s house, forced me to apologize, handed me a brush and a bucket, and ordered me to clean up the mess.

Drive by downtown Denver after the recent protests, and you still see graffiti on the side of the capitol from crimes committed weeks ago. We need America’s conservative women to restore sanity to our rebellious nation.

As a board member of the Colorado Women’s Alliance and chairman of the Western Conservative Summit, I get a chance to interact with center-right women leaders regularly. Like my mom, they have a strong sense of right and wrong, and they won’t tolerate bad behavior. They speak their mind, are clear on where they stand, and expect the best for our families and communities. They are empowering and inspiring community leaders.

This type of leadership is appealing to voters as well. Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District defeated a five-term Republican incumbent by voting in a conservative mom and business owner, in part because of her “no-nonsense” attitude toward the left’s radical agenda.

While the recent protests began by seeking justice for the murder of George Floyd, they quickly turned into out-of-control mobs destroying businesses, vandalizing statues, desecrating the American flag, and even assaulting and murdering innocent civilians. Protesters scream horribly racists remarks toward Black police officers and threaten to “burn down this system” if they don’t get what they want.

According to a recent Pew study, a majority of those attending protests are young, white, suburban liberals. Take a look at Antifa mug shots and it’s pretty clear that these young people need parental intervention in their lives.

Conservative women of America, Uncle Sam needs you.

You see what is happening in our communities is not right. You know America can be better, more principled, more peaceful. The way you look at the world is correct. Our country needs your leadership, your voice, your strength.

If you’re like my wife, you’re already improving this world in a variety of ways. You work hard, you volunteer, many of you are raising families. It is because of your success in all these areas that we need your help to lead our communities.

If you’ve ever had the inkling to run for office, now is the time. If you’re frustrated by your local school board, mayor, congressperson or senator, be the change in your community. If you’re passionate about a particular issue, we need you to lead the fight.

America is losing its sense of right and wrong, of the difference between good behavior and bad behavior. Too often, weak politicians won’t lead because they’re afraid of what the mob will say about them. Like ineffective parents, they place a higher value on their child’s perception of them than what is right or wrong and preparing their child to be a good person.

I was not happy that my mom forced me to spend hours scrubbing graffiti off a neighbor’s house. It was embarrassing, and I was angry, but I learned my lesson, and I became a better person because of her good parenting.

I hope you can take inspiration from Queen Esther in the Bible. You cannot remain silent right now. I believe God has placed you in a “royal position for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14)

Jeff Hunt is the chairman of the Western Conservative Summit and board member of the Colorado Women’s Alliance.