The Colorado Women’s Alliance Foundation (CWAF) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that supports women in Colorado through comprehensive and innovative leadership development programs that help them meaningfully engage with the political process.

CWAF’s goal is to amplify the important role women play in policymaking, locally & beyond. We believe women are
unique in building relationships and common ground, and that our voices must be represented in the decisions that
affect our community and our state. CWAF’s network includes women interested in and already in elected and appointed positions as well as women business leaders.

Since 2020, we have created and elevated a community of like-minded women from across Colorado, and equipped them with knowledge and tools to engage in leadership positions across sectors, help them navigate policy issues, and provide information on how they can pursue public office.

CWAF is so excited to work with women from all backgrounds and have honest conversations about the critical role women can play in shaping solutions and building the next generation of women influencers in Colorado. Now is the time to come together to create a powerful voice for women to impact their communities and beyond.