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Women influence most of the healthcare decisions for their families. We are planning on hosting a Town Hall meeting in March around COVID-19 vaccination issues. Will you get the vaccine when it's available to you? If not, why not? Please help us design our Town Hall by clicking here to take the survey:
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We’d like to keep you informed on issues that matter to women in Colorado!

We Listen

Women make up the majority of registered voters in Colorado and vote at higher rates than men. Since 2011, Colorado Women’s Alliance has been connecting with women voters. We ask questions and listen attentively to what they have to say through surveys and focus groups, at community gatherings, on social media and more. MORE…

We Support


Not only do we listen to understand what keeps women up at night, we go to bat for them. We have heart to heart talks with candidates, elected officials and key influencers about their concerns – and their values. MORE…

We Inform


People won’t know what we’ve learned through our research unless we tell them. So a lot of the day-to-day activity of the Colorado Women’s Alliance involves being out in the community to educate on issues of concern to women. Panel discussions with panel members who have diverse backgrounds, roundtable discussions with women in communities all across Colorado and presentations to groups are just a few ways we get the message out. MORE…