About Us

The Colorado Women’s Alliance Foundation (CWAF) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization with a mission to Inspire, Train, and Mentor women to encourage them to become more involved in civic leadership and the political process.

Our goal is to empower participants to cultivate a dialog about the important role women play in policymaking, locally & beyond.  We believe women are unique in building relationships and common ground, and that our voices must be represented in the decisions that effect our community and our state.

Our voice is our most powerful tool to advocate for change, but how do you develop the right message, the right skills or the right avenue to use it?  CWAF will offer a unique opportunity via training workshops for interested women to explore and understand all levels of government, including boards, commissions & elected offices.

CWAF is so excited to work with women from all backgrounds and have honest conversations about the critical role women can play in shaping solutions and building the next generation of women influencers in Colorado. Now is the time to come together to create a powerful voice for women to impact their communities and beyond.