About Us

Mission and Goals

The Colorado Women’s Alliance supports research, education and advocacy in areas of concern to women voters.  We seek to discover and understand women voters’ values and priorities throughout the state.

We take those findings and advocate for women’s concerns by meeting with elected officials, candidates and influencers. But we don’t stop there.

We also gather regularly at everything from coffee shops to events to educate Coloradans on the issues of importance, as well as training influencers to spread the word on these issues to those in their sphere of influence.

During election season,the Colorado Women’s Alliance endorses candidates and weighs in on ballot issues.

Please find below more detail on how we Research, Advocate and Educate. And for those we want to join Colorado Women’s Alliance efforts across the state, click on Get Involved! for more information.

We Listen


Women deserve to be heard — so we listen. To understand the concerns of female voters,the Colorado Women’s Alliance conducts surveys and hosts in-person and online focus groups.

Prior to the 2018 general election, the Colorado Women’s Alliance hired Magellan Strategies to conduct a statewide survey of swing women voters. The survey tested close to 2,000 registered females who do not vote straight party lines. The survey presented statewide results and – for the first time – broke results out into six geographic regions. This allowed us to help candidates better understand policy issues not only statewide but also from the perspective of female voters in their own geographic areas.

The survey showed some surprising results, particularly in the areas of immigration and “typical” women’s issues such as sexual harassment. Magellan principal David Flaherty called the survey “the most insightful ever conducted by our company.”

In addition to these formal approaches to understanding what women value across Colorado, we travel across the state to host informal gatherings in homes, at coffee shops, in roundtables and through panel discussions to listen and learn from women with diverse political persuasions and backgrounds.

We support


Colorado Women’s Alliance works hard to advocate for the values and priorities of women discovered through research and relationship building. We show our support for women by sharing their views with candidates from their region in the state, enabling candidates to understand the views and interests of women voters.

We host numerous events throughout the year – often with coalition partners like local chambers of commerce – to share women’s interests with communities around the state.

Colorado Women’s Alliance also shared the voice of Colorado women voters during the “Conversations with the Women of America” Symposium in Washington, D.C. in January 2018 .

We inform


To get the word out on what matters to women, we gather people together for welcoming roundtable discussions and presentations in communities across the state. We inform and educate candidates, elected officials and influencers one-on -one and in groups so they understand women’s values and the priorities we’ve discovered in through our research.

We also interact with women who are actively involved in their communities, helping them find their voice so they are prepared to share the views of Colorado women with a positive and constructive approach.

We do this through our Grow Your Influence Series, including topics like Kitchen Table Persuasion; Keeping the Grassroots Effort Alive Year-Round; Social Media Influence and Running for Office 101. The Colorado Women’s Alliance has also partnered with The Policy Circles to increase the number of women’s policy discussion groups statewide.

We facilitated discussions that led women in the Glenwood Springs area to pursue an after-school civics program for junior high and high school students.

We also encourage conversations via social media, through letters-to-the-editor or guest editorials in their local paper.