January 7, 2021

Colorado Women’s Alliance statement on the violence at our Nation’s Capitol

If you’ve ever been to Washington, DC you have undoubtedly experienced a feeling of awe, pride in our Country, respect and a sense of connection for our history and all those who walked before us through the halls of our Capitol. The violence that occurred within the halls of Congress on January 6, tarnished that spirit.

Like so many others, today we are grieving for our Country, for the loss of life, loss of law and order, civility and failure of respect for our treasured institutions. We condemn the actions of those who went beyond peaceful and civil demonstration and instead chose violence. We recognize that the majority of those in attendance were there to voice their opinions to lawmakers, not through violence, but through peaceable means.

Our hope is that we use this as a turning point that motivates each of us toward respectful deliberation on the future of our nation.


The Board and Staff of the Colorado Women’s Alliance