If you have a heart

If you have a heart March 25, 2019 If you have a heart, you certainly want to do something to make it easier for people to take the time they need to care for a newborn baby, a terminally ill parent, a recovering spouse, without fear of losing a job or not being able...

Why the “Equal Pay for Equal Work Act” is Harmful to Women

The proposed “Equal Pay for Equal Work Act” making its way through the Colorado legislature this year is sponsored by many legislators with really good intentions. It’s an admirable attempt to fix wage discrimination issues that still do exist in certain situations. ...

All of them, of course!

As the head of a statewide women’s organization, I was surprised at a recent networking event when asked, “What proposed state bills impact women this year?” I was taken aback. The answer, of course, is “All of them.”

State politicians debunk partisan myth

Amid what many United States citizens have been characterizing as a highly partisan and divisive time, the Westminster Chamber of Commerce and Colorado Women’s Alliance tried to change the conversation – at least in Colorado.

Why did some teachers NOT walkout?

Headlines recently have focused on thousands of teachers across the country who have walked out of their classrooms and marched on state Capitols, lobbying legislators for increased funding for salaries and pensions.