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Bi-Partisan Women's Panel

Featuring: Commissioner Libby Szabo, Senator Cheri Jahn, Former Mayor Nancy McNally, Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp

Join the Westminster Chamber in partnership with the Colorado Women's Alliance. Panelists will share life in public office- how they manage it all, challenges they've faced, and what inspires them.

$15- Special pricing for friends of CWA.

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Grow Your Influence: Practicing the Art and Science of Persuasion - Persuasion is not a battle, it’s a journey

Why is it so hard to persuade people to your point of view? Radio, television, newspaper commentator Krista Kafer shares insights and tips on effective persuasion techniques. Kafer is a weekly Denver Post columnist, professor of communication, and radio and television commentator. A Colorado native, Kafer returned to her home state after nine years in the nation’s capital where she served as an aide to two members of Congress and as the senior expert on education policy at the influential Heritage Foundation.

"An inside look at how Colorado women voted in the 2016 general election."

Women are the largest voting block in the State. What do Republican, Democrat and Unaffiliated female voters have in common?  Joni Inman, Executive Director of the Colorado Women’s Alliance shares insight gained from a post-election survey.

“Basic Business Etiquette – Meeting, Greeting, Dressing, Paying the lunch tab and more”

Joni Inman, Executive Director of the Colorado Women’s Alliance and long-time business coach shares the importance of proper etiquette, particularly on the campaign trail.

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Grow Your Influence Series: Political Influence Year Round

  • Independence Institute- Basement Training Room (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Politics is a year-round business. It is no longer enough to only engage in activism during an election. In order to be successful, you must have the infrastructure in place to be effective and mobilize fellow citizens all year. This workshop focuses on how to keep your groups, friends, and you active and engaged all year. Learn how to increase your influence in your community by building a grassroots machine.

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