The Colorado Women's Alliance endorses the following candidates. These candidates have demonstrated that their positions are in alignment with the top issues of interest to female voters - health care, public education, the cost of housing, immigration issues and improvements to roads and transportation.


  • Beth Martinez Humenik- Senate District 24

  • Christine Jensen- Senate District 20

  • George Brauchler- Attorney General

  • Kate Whitney- House District 5

  • Nancy Sharpe- Arapahoe County Commissioner

  • Nicki Mills- House District 26

  • Ray Scott- Senate District 7

  • Tina Francone- Jefferson County Commissioner

  • Tim Neville- Senate District 16

  • Tony Sanchez- Senate District 22

  • Vicky Pyne- House District 27

  • Walker Stapleton, Governor

Ballot Issue Propositions:

  • Amendment 73 - Establish Income Tax Brackets and Raise Taxes for Education Initiative- Oppose

  • Proposition 112 - Minimum Distance Requirements for Oil, Gas and Fracking Projects - Oppose

  • Referenda Y & Z- Fair Maps Colorado- Support

  • West Metro Fire Protection District- Ballot Measure 7, Mill Levy Adjustment- Support